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Purchase Contest until 29/2/2016 at

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Purchase Contest until 29/2/2016
Buy more to win.

You must purchase at least $5 to participate. And the contest will be invalid if the number of participants is less than 3.

There are 3 winners and the awards are as follows:
$5 for the 1st winner who purchases more.
$4 for the 2nd winner.
$3 for the 3rd winner.

You can purchase any thing and every thing is included except purchases via your account balance, you should purchase and buy via paypal.

NOTE: Don't forget buy any thing and get triple X3 . So you get benefits from the promo and contest. Participate now and don't miss it Smile

The contest starts from 19/2/2016 and ends up at 29/2/2016



statics on 25/02/2016

1. clpads has purchased $7.85
2. catalle has purchased $3.15

1- To participate, you need to purchase at least $5
2- The content will be valid only if 3 members or more participated.



purchase content has finished and no one has won since the number of participants is less than 3

The terms of the contest has not been achieved Sad


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