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SEO Strategy

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1 SEO Strategy on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:57 pm


here i am goining to mention some main points of effective SEO strategy....
· Consistently update your blog with good, keyword-targeted content.
· Add an RSS feed to your blog.
· Build an email list
· Comment on other blogs
· Do guest posts on other blogs
· Article marketing
· Integrate with Facebook
· Integrate social bookmarking
· Add your URL to your email signature.

2 Re: SEO Strategy on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:01 pm


Create High Quality Fresh Content
Creating content on a regular bases is telling Google and other search engines that my website is active and fresh with new information.

Authorship Markup
If you don’t apply authorship markup on your website, then Google an other search engines won’t be 100% certain that you were the original author of the content. Therefor scrappers and anyone can steal and use your content for backlinking and gaining to rank higher than you in the search results.

Stop Doing Unethical Backlinking
Stop and I mean stop joining and using blog networks.
Stop spinning content to gain links.
Stop going to outsources who can create 10,000 backlinks in hours.
Stop Spamming with comments and software that is automated.
If you still do this kind of backlinking it won’t only damage your rankings FOREVER, it will also be a waste of time because 80% to 90% of your backlinking efforts are not collected.

Optimizing Your Website For Navigation
How many times have you gone to a website only to not find what you are looking for. You spend minutes clicking through pages after pages only to still not find what you are looking for. Make your website easy to navigate through. Try and not display ads all over or anything that doesn’t relate to what your website is about.

Social Media and Networking
I’ve covered Social Media now for quite some time, and you should know how important it is to be involved with networking and joining in on the conversations. You want to join and network with the core influences within your market. Share your messages and content with other like minded people.

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