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Rippln! The Free app that pays you.

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1 Rippln! The Free app that pays you. on Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:42 pm


Rippln is an innovative new company that allows anyone and everyone to build their ripple for free. There is absolutely no cost to signup and build your business.
This is not like your ordinary Company. There is absolutely no selling involved. As a Networker we are used to having to move product and get individuals on our team to do the same. This is different from anything you have ever seen. You simply share a free app with anyone and everyone. Anyone can do this. As a Networker you know the difficulties with teaching someone how to properly present the material to get the person to a meeting or on a call. Its difficult and not everyone can do it. Then you have to worry about autoships and moving product to get paid. Not this one! I simply tell my team tell the friend there is a free app that they have to check out. They send them the invite and the site takes care of everything. My mom can do this and she is not a technical person and far from a sales/Networking person.

Its free. Every fan builds their ripples for free. So even if someone doesn't choose to do this as a business they can grow your business by simply sharing the awesome apps.

One thing that holds most people back from trying opportunities is sharing personal information. Not this one! To participate we simply need a Name and either a SmartPhone number or an Email address. That is all that is required to sign up. Of course you will eventually have to share a little more info to receive your checks. But to try it out and get started that is all.

Like what you see so far?
Go to to request your invite and begin making ripples. I'll help you anyway I can.

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