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1 on Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:32 pm


i am not admin>>>>

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BONUS! The word makes us happy.

From the JustGetDouble chat room, FAQs and Tutorials, JGD provides you with virtually everything you need to become a successful online money maker or businessman.

In JGD, we give a generous bonus of $10 which is very rare in other programs. This $10 can make you Millionaire if you act seriously. In other terms, bonus may be incurred from time to time depending on the income of the group and ensuing business activities.

Get Your Free $10

Commission! It really rocks on JGD

You will be happy to see our commission system. We have two-tier referral commission system. If any person make marketing and become able to make someone investing in our program, than we give a 10% instant commission to him and 5% instant commission to his upper hand. For example: Mr. A invites Mr. B to join on JGD and so do Mr. B. Then Mr. B invites Mr. C to join JGD and Mr. C do the same as like as Mr. B. If Mr. C buys 10 positions ultimately invests $100 in our program. Than Mr. B will get an instant commission of $10 and Mr. A will get $5 spontaneously.

Get 10% on FIRST level
AND 5% commission on SECOND level

As JGD’s new track of online business is not so old, that why JGD has chosen a popular mechanism of investment with slight change of plan. This plan is now unique in market as JGD is releasing its authorized capital share of face value $10 per share lead to $10 position in an open market. Thus JGD offers its clients uniquely designed and progressively profitable investment plan. Present plan is called “Daily Profit” and there are three Factors behind the sustainability of this program.

This plan is very sustainable as these three factors hold the program from any kind of risk. The plan features are:

Daily 2% profit on each position on business and non-business days for 80 days. Hence total 160% return value including share initial price on each position. This $10 position will bring $16 through 80 days running process.
Maximum 100 positions buy capacity. One can buy maximum 100 piece positions worth $1000 on a single day.
Minimum daily withdraw limit is $30 on any payment processor.
Printable share statement giving each and every detail.
Two tier referral commission: 10% and 5% on each investment.
40% dividend on 10 by 10 Rebate Matrix on each position. Thus daily 2% bring 160% and this 40% adds a total 200% ROI on each share invest.
Restart feature for the active position leading no loss rather than gaining a win-win situation..

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