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KulClub - program from one of the creators of Banners Broker -

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I have a pre-launch of a program created by a person who does not need many introductions.

Check out this video....
Most BB members were aware that Kul was one of the original promoters / managers of BB, and played a major role in taking BB worldwide. I believe there will be a huge advantage for us to take a free positon early, and see how things evolve.
I have Joined KulClub, as I'm expecting to see a lot of upcoming benefits! Everything is not yet defined.. but, what if KUL brings a BB clone?.. that would be “COOL” and “KUL”
Membership in KulClub is by invitation only and the link below is my personal invitation for you to grab a free positon.
The website is only 48 hours only, so still mostly under construction.
Here is the link for your free position.

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