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1 Inwiqu - on Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:57 am


Financial Community INWIQU (rus)
I’m in group of developers of this project.

Start date: November 27th, 2012 (the statistics in graphs has been conducted since December 2nd, 2012)

INWIQU is a mutual fund, investing funds of participants (and our own) in high-yield online projects (HYIPs, pyramid, PAMM, remote control, etc.). In addition, in the near future we will make the connection of different services; the main advantage of them will be the growing balance (for example, the completed exchange of copywriting and so on.).

The Community INWIQU also actively helps its members to earn money in the matrix projects (give1get4, EMGoldex, etc), we organizes play and, if necessary share the referrals. The active work in social sphere is carrying out.

Insurance products being offered by the Community INWIQU claim attention: Active and Passive investment insurance to third-party high-return projects (detailed information is on the forum and here).

Profitability of the project is a reflection of the growth of the domestic currency UIN, being calculated every Monday, minor recalculations can be made with the addition of new projects in the portfolio and with payments to withdrawal of the projects.

There are statistics on total deposits and the distribution of project (in the graphs).
Deposit frozen during 15 days.
The contribution is charged with management fee of 7.77% (with it refbonus charged automatically, the rest is for Administration of site). Commission returns back over the period of freezing, even with a slight advantage.

There are 2 types of referral bonus: automatic charge of 5% of the contribution to the balance of ref - for everyone; for those who have received the amount of referral bonuses exceed 5,000 rubles is given a grant from the Administration - in the amount of an additional 5% of the size of the deposit (internal transfer from the account administrator ). Total amount goes to 10% bonus on deposits. Both bonuses are available to get immediately.

The project is in the open beta, the official opening is in April. Financial operates fully functional (live contributions from participants are accepted for almost two months, there are also no problems with payments - according to the regulations for the payment is removed from 1 to 5 days, usually payments take 1 day).

Payment systems

The input in automatic mode: PM, Z-Payment (QIWI, money transfers, Yandex Money, and others).
The input in manual mode: Wire Transfers (Alfa Bank and Svyaznoy Bank).

The output in manual mode is possible with all above-mentioned ways.

There is a possibility of non-standard input-output in ASFN PE (the personal units of corporation ASFN).


There aren’t so-called investment plans, there is a floating interest rate, depending on the success of the investment. The yield was 20.93% up to the past four conversion (4 weeks), a historic high was in December and January (52% per month).

I invite you to take part in the project! I am ready to answer all your questions and going to follow up on this topic.

Visit us at

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