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1 Grand Capital on Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:46 am



Grand Capital Ltd. is a reliable forex broker. We service trading accounts both for private and corporate clients, offering access to marginal trading on forex and other financial markets by means of the MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Advantages for you:

- Spreads of 2 pips for majors
- No dealer intervention in trades
- Metatrader4 trading platform
- Lamm – Lot allocation management module
- Micro accounts (cent accounts)
- Demo competitions with real money prizes

Accreditation MUMCFM
The company "Grand Capital Consulting" has received MUMCFM (International educational center of financial monitoring) accreditation to independently carry out and instruct PML/TF (Prevention Of Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing) at RusFinMonitoring. Our experience and knowledge in consulting and training in financial sphere has received documentary acknowledgement. High level of our services is convenient for the clients and our prices are lower than average prices on the market.

Grand Capital Guarantees
Licensed Federal Financial Markets Service
FEDERAL SERVICE OF FINANCIAL MARKETS License of Stock exchange agent № 1204 от 17/06/2008 "GRANDCAPITAL Inc."; 8А Stachek avenue St. Petersburg, 198095
The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS, FSFR) (Russian: Федеральная служба по финансовым рынкам, ФСФР) is a Russian federal executive body which regulates Russian financial markets including securities issuance, trading and supervision of exchanges, issuers, professional market participants and their Self-Regulatory Organisations; the Russian Federation Pension Fund; the State management company. A major social role of FFMS is to promote public understanding of the Securities laws and their practical application.
Regulatory Commission of Financial Market Relationships Certificate
Financial-Investment holding Grand Capital is a member of REGULATORY COMMISION OF FINANCIAL MARKET RELATIONSHIPS.
Presence of Certificate posted below guarantees that at the time of issuance the participant met all requirements for KROUFR Standards. Compliance with KROUFR standards primarily proves the professionalism, reliability and safety of the Company.
This is additional guarantee for our Clients that all our activity is regulated. In case of a conflict situation about quotation or company’s service you can write an issue on the name of the company to KROUFR. In case of a positive decision from the Commission in favor of a trader, our company is obliged to follow the accepted decision.
Grand Capital - is a reliable forex broker, which offers you the Best trading conditions and professional service support.
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, working with forex through us will bring you a positive trading experience.

All the most convenient and necessary instruments for forex trading are at your service!
-Real Micro -Real Standard
-Real Option -Real Swap Free
-Real ECN -Segregate Accounts
-GC VPS - Virtual Private Server -CQG Trader

Grand Capital
offers you to try modern investment service “Managed accounts”.
You can have additional source of income on forex market - as investor or manager.

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thanks and good luck for you

3 Re: Grand Capital on Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:44 am



Thank you for calling attention to the company Grand Capital website represents the shares of which are held today

Contest «Micro Trade»
Trader contest «Micro Trade» is held on the real cent accounts. Every last week from Monday till Friday while trading on the Real Micro (deposit from $50 to $200) it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
-The first prize – 300% from profit for all tour!
-10 winning places
-Free to participate

One hour contest – Drag trade
The fastest contest in Russia – Drag Trade. It is held every Friday from 15:00 till 16:00 (at the terminal time). Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $100 000) during one hour it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
-The first prize – $200!
-10 winning places
-Free to participate

One day contest – Rally trade
Traders contest Rally Trade is held every 2 weeks on Thursday. Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $10 000) during one day is necessary to receive maximum profit among all participants.
-The first prize – $2000!
-20 winning places
-Free to participate

Terms and Conditions

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Company news:
Changes for CFD instruments and futures.
Dear customers, work on CFD instruments for futures in Meta Trader 4 platform.
We inform you that the commission for transactions on contracts CFD on futures has been increased from 04.01.2013. It is $ 20 or the equivalent in the currency of the account now.
Also only one (the most liquid) contract of the instrument will be available for trading. With the introduction of the next month contract, trading under old contracts will be put on "just closing." Thus, the only one contract of the instrument(the most relevant at the moment) is always available for trading.
We also remind you that trading futures you can use a direct exchange platform - CQG Trader.

8 Re: Grand Capital on Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:37 am


The easiest way to trade on Forex!

Option account - Trading account, in which a trader buys a Binary options​. Which means that you’re making a stake on the lowering or raising of the rate of the selected asset after a specified time.
This type of account would be interesting as for the beginners and for the experienced traders due to its simpleness, fixed risks and opportunities to build a specific strategy that does not depend on the sudden change of the market situation.
Minimum bet is $ 1, the duration of the transaction from 4 minutes, the opportunity to try out the service in demo mode - this makes an Option account an attractive and powerful tool to make profit on Forex.

Principles of trade​
To open a transaction on the account, you need to specify the parameters:
• the amount of the transaction,
• the time for which the contract was concluded,
• type of the option (call / put).


At the conclusion of the transaction you only need to specify the amount, the time on which the contract will be concluded and the type of option - nothing else is required.

The speed
The result can already be seen after 3 minutes! (this is the minimum duration of the transaction).

All of the risks are fixed
Possible loss (as well as profit) is strictly limited, are known in advance and do not depend on the changes of the tools with which you’re making the transaction.
You can build a strategy, which would be independent from a sudden changes in the market conditions (News for example). Also you can reduce the risks from the transactions made on the spot rates.


Phone: +7(812) 300-81-96

9 Re: Grand Capital on Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:45 pm



If the price for a an option contract will be higher than the price at which it was concluded, You will get a profit.
If the price for an option contract will remain unchanged, You will get the profit or you will incur a loss according to the specifications of the selected instrument.
If the price is lower than the one at which the option was concluded, You will incur a loss.


If the price for an option contract will be lower than the price at which the option was concluded, you will get the profit.
If the price for an option contract will remain the same, you will have profit or loss, according to the specifications of chosen instruments.
If the price for an option contract is higher than the price at which the option was concluded, you will incur a loss.


-All risks are fixed - trader knows exactly how much he may lose or win on any of the options before the conclusion of the transaction.
-Availability - traders buy the contract, not the asset. This allows you to receive the profit from the predicted price movement for those traders who could not overcome the barrier because of the high prices.
-Profitability - could significantly exceed the profitability of the similar sums in the direct purchase of assets, as the profitability does not depend on the final price difference, and connected only with the change of the direction of the movement of the price for the asset.
-Simplicity - the payments depends mainly on the direction of changing of the price of the asset, and not so closely connected with the price difference. That's why you can have less information about the asset and still have a profit.

10 Re: Grand Capital on Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:58 pm


My experience of trading in the foreign exchange market lasts 2 years, with "Grand Capital LTD"- 3 months.
There are some advantages of having an option account for the beginners for example.
- the minimum duration of the transaction
- fast pay-out
- binary options in Metatrader 4 trading platform (pay attention to this one)
- support is around-the-clock.
I recommend this forex broker because of these advantages and reliability of it.

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