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Get paid per thread. Earn $0.05 per thread. JOIN NOW!!!!

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Hi,,,, How are you?

Now, at the first time, we announce about post contest as the following:

This is a very simple contest.
The title describes it all, all you need to do is open a thread about in other discussion forums.

For every thread that you posted, you will get $0.05, and you can cashout when you have atleast $1 .

After you get at least $1, you can PM me by clicking here and tell me your Paypal account detail in PM.

- You can create a thread in any forum about making money online only.
- Once you've created a thread make sure you are posting the thread link here as a reply for us to check.
- Do not create any duplicate threads. Search thoroughly before you create a thread.
- Try to provide as much information as possible in the thread, so that members are attracted to visit the forum.
- One user can open only one thread per forum.
- You will get $0.05 per thread that you open in other forum.
- Threads will be checked after 4 to 6 days from the date they've been posted and then paid. This is to make sure that the thread created has not been removed.

Only one Condition: First you should post thread about in at least 5 different forums, then only post those threads here and request credits.

You have to post this thread in other forums -
Get paid to post -



Hi, admin. I am glad there i will be here. Wish here are getting and more members! By the way, I suggest admin can add one more section for new member who can introduce themselves!

Thanks for your 0.05 per thread as a token of appreciation!Smile


By the way, admin. Do we get paid per reply of the thread?

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